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we turn ideas into SOFTWARE products

A true software development revolution

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Who are we?

Nilo is a software development company that builds SaaS (Software as a Service) products based on unique technical challenges.

Nilo was formed when a company approached us with a unique technical challenge that couldn’t be solved by an off the shelf SaaS product and they didn’t possess the capital and expertise for a custom software project with a big development house.
Nilo assessed the opportunity to build the custom software they required based on a number of key criteria. As a result the company signed a SaaS contract for a product that solved their specific needs and Nilo built a SaaS product with a guaranteed first customer.

The foundation of Nilo is predicated on 3 pillars, cost, time and quality.



Software development is expensive. Nilo is able to provide lower cost of development without compromising quality due to our low business overheads. All Nilo employees are payed through equity share of each project meaning we are not tied down by large company expenses.



Our unique business ideology combined with agile development practices and enterprise project management structures enable us to deliver solutions at incredible speed. Each project is scoped with the intention of providing the perfect solution in the best possible time-frame.



The quality of the software Nilo develops is paramount. Due to the fact that our developers are personally and financially vested in every project it is in their best interest to build the best and most robust applications possible. Giving our developers equity in every project has resulted in Software that is exceptional.

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What we do?

Nilo builds custom software products to solve very specific requirements. The products we build are predicated on the problems our customers are trying to solve.

Let’s say your company requires a software tool that performs a very specific function that’s unique to your industry. You have attempted to find an off the shelf solution to suit your needs but none of the products on the market fit the brief. You investigated building the software from scratch only to find out that building and supporting custom software is incredibly expensive.

This is where Nilo comes in. We will assess the software you require and decide if there is a bigger market for it outside of your organisation. If your specific requirements pass our assessment then we will build the software for “Free” and sell it back to you under a SaaS agreement, meaning you get the Software you need, under a commercial construct that suits you.


All great products start with an idea. The ability to take an idea and turn it into software is what Nilo does best. As part of the evaluation process Nilo will take the problem you are trying to solve and turn it into software that we can sell. Building great software is complicated and turning software dreams into product reality is what we do best.


Once the idea has been formulated and the requirements for the product defined, Nilo will pitch the product to our team of developers. The developer or developers then bid for the project based on skills required and the products potential in the market. Once the developers have been selected we draft the agreements and move the project into our agile and battle tested development framework.


A product is not a product without enterprise grade support. Once we have developed the Software, tested and deployed it within your organisation we formulate a support agreement that suits your needs and the critical nature of the software. The team will comprise of the developers who built the software so no more layers of support tiers until you finally get a resolution.

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hoW we can help?

If you currently find yourself in a position where you are looking for software to solve a specific problem, increase operational efficiency or create a point of difference but, you are unable to find an off the shelf solution that fits and you don’t have the capital or the appetite for custom software development then Nilo is for you.

Nilo can provide consulting services to ensure that the software meets all your requirements.

If integration into existing legacy software is required then Nilo will formulate and manage the relationship with the software provider to ensure its done seamlessly.

We are a true software development partner. Our success depends on the product we build for you. 


All potential projects must go through a thorough evaluation process whereby Nilo can ascertain whether the software will meet all our criteria or not. This evaluation process can be requested as a standalone service if you require professional consulting on the validity of your proposed application from a market analysis  or technical standpoint. .



All projects that meet the criteria will be built as SaaS products providing you accept the terms, conditions and associated monthly costs. All Nilo developers are experts in their chosen skill and programming languages. The nature of our business model means we attract self-motivated developers that want to own a piece of what they contribute to. We are not interested in developers that want a job, Nilo embodies entrepreneurial spirit.


All products developed by Nilo will be supported and managed by Nilo. The nature of the support agreement will be in alignment with your expectations and budget. Nilo will scale to your requirements. The level of support and management required will be scoped as part of each development project. Not all software is created equal, we know this, you know this and, we prefer to tailor each and every aspect of our relationship to fit.

about us

Nilo was started in 2013 by two systems engineers and a software developer whose sole purpose is to revolutionize the software development industry in New Zealand. Nilo was formulated to combine the benefits of the start up mentality with the structure that enterprises need, most would say this is impossible, we say we’ve already done it.

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